Organised sport may have come to a halt, but there are plenty of imaginative and enjoyable ways to look after your physical and mental health.

What’s more – people can still enjoy the great outdoors, provided they follow the government advice on social distancing.

With the coronavirus outbreak strictly limiting some people’s normal ways to exercise, then just going for a walk or run, being active in the garden, or the home, are all vital activities to make us feel better.

Being on top of your game physically will also help you bounce back from illness more quickly and boost your immune system as well as your spirits.

Brian Davies, acting chief executive of Sport Wales, has urged everyone in the country to take time to consider what they can do to stay healthy.

“These are extraordinarily difficult times for everyone in Wales, but it’s absolutely vital that people look after their own health and well-being,” he says.

“The message is keep active, but stay safe. Get outside at some point in your day, even if it’s just to go for a walk. 

“Group activities, like Parkrun or cycling groups, may have been suspended. But people can still run on their own, jump on their bikes, or walk together as a family with the kids in the park, or out in the countryside.

“We are lucky in Wales that most people live with countryside close at hand, or have green spaces nearby if they live in cities. Making some time to get out and get moving will improve your state of mind as well as your fitness.

“For people who struggle to get out – or those who were used to going to the gym or local sports centre - there are lots of exercises they can do in their own homes and it’s been great to see so many top sportspeople posting their work-out routines online to motivate and inspire everyone.

“You may not be up their levels, but people can move at their own pace to stay in shape.”

Sport Wales will continue to encourage people to stay active and we will share ideas and suggestions we can all follow in the days ahead.

You should also follow official advice on social distancing when exercising outdoors.

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