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It’s part of our every day lives, but most importantly part of our customers’ lives too. Here, Paul Batcup highlights why Welsh sport needs to feed the social media beast.

Likes, shares and stories have become part of our everyday language; these of course relate to the huge world of social media. 

Social media can be done on as little or as big a scale as you’d like, but if you don’t even have a presence online then you’re missing a trick. Don’t take our word for it though, check out this short video called The Digital Transformation 2019.

Here are those top facts again:

  • Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old
  • If Facebook was a country by its number of members, it would be the biggest country in the world… USA would be 9th after other social platforms including WhatsApp and Instagram
  • 80% of our mobile consumption is video
  • Our attention span is less than that of a goldfish!!

In essence, what it’s telling us is that our audience is (probably) on there. It’s worth using….but it’s important to be using it properly.

Doing the right thing

We need to be communicating to our audiences in ways they want to see the content, while also taking advantage of the way the platforms present content to their users. 

This is the exciting bit; gone are the days of just issuing press releases and hoping people see them and take the intended action. Now we can issue a press release, share a video interview with an athlete and even talk directly to our audiences on Instagram live all within a few minutes. We can be masters of communicating with our customers. 

There is no full-proof social media approach though. Each account and platform should be treated individually; being brave and creative with your content will undoubtedly see the best results. One of the great advancements in social media is the ability to measure and evaluate pretty much everything you share online. 

And we have an expert who can help.

Are you keen to do more on social media but unsure where to start and what will work best for your platforms and audiences? Then sign up to this month’s CLIP session with former head of social media at BBC One and BBC Wales, Owen Williams, who will give you the confidence to communicate more effectively on social media, particularly to younger audiences.

18 March: ‘Social Media – Be Brave’ (Skype tickets available too)

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