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Performance Lifestyle: Top Tips for Parents

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How to help young athletes develop and be successful in and out of their sport.

1.  Be encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic

2.  Be a good role model - to your child, other young athletes and other parents

3.  Allow the coaches to coach - don't try to be too many people

4.  Avoid focusing on winning and let them know how proud you are regardless of outcomes

5.  Encourage independence and personal responsibility by allowing them to problem solve and make their own decisions

6.  Listen and be patient and impartial when giving advice

7.  Support and respect your child's ambitions in sport (remember that it's their experience - not yours)

8.  Focus on the development of the whole person through a range of experiences, both inside and outside of sport

9.  Work together with the coach and support staff to provide a positive environment for your child to thrive

10. Allow your child to be themselves and have fun!

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