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First Aid

Accidents happen and First Aid is all part and parcel of sport. Here's a basic check list:

  • Ideally, a qualified first aider should be available at all club training sessions and events
  • There should be at least one first aid kit at every training session or event
  • Clubs should encourage members, coaches and/or volunteers to attend a first aid training course
  • First aid training courses typically cost around £30 and there are a number available. Contact your National Governing Body in the first instance as they may have access to courses; other training providers include the British Red Cross and St John Ambulance
  • Keep an Incident Report Form up to date and record any accidents. We have a template for you here.

First Aid hints and tips

  • A first aid kit should not be a bag that carries all sorts of potions and lotions - it should be practical, easy to carry, clean and organised for easy access in an emergency.

The following is an example list of equipment to be included:

  1. Protective gloves (kept in a clean plastic bag).
  2. Resuscitator face mask
  3. Crepe bandages (various sizes)
  4. Triangular bandages
  5. Sterile dressings (pads and bandages) various sizes
  6. Gauze swabs
  7. Individual antiseptic wipes
  8. Ice packs
  9. Plasters various sizes (see notes on cuts)
  10. Cotton wool (roll of)
  11. Cotton wool swabs
  12. Spray bottle with clean water