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Governing Document

Once your club has a name, everyone understands its purpose and its legal status has been agreed, you now need a governing document to formalise these decisions – this is called a constitution.

They help ensure smooth and proper running of your club. Every club needs one.

It should include:

  • The objectives for your club (e.g. what you want to do or provide for your members)
  • The different forms of membership (e.g. adult, junior, social) and perhaps subscription rates
  • The rules by which your club will operate -
  • How the affairs of the club are to be managed (e.g. by officers and a committee)
  • How the members control the club, usually through an annual general meeting.

Constitutions can be lengthy, complex documents, but don’t worry there are plenty of templates to help guide you in the right direction.

Be careful though of simply adopting an off the shelf template. It is important to include the points your club feels are appropriate and relevant.

So don’t rush into anything. Take your time to get it right because making official changes to the constitution in the future can be a tricky process

Example constitutions include:

Disability Sport Wales template.

CASC Running Club Constitution template

Resource Centre template