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Developing Your Committee

A club should always be thinking of ways to develop and improve its committee.

Share the workload

It can be a useful exercise to review the roles of your committee members, especially if one person is taking on much of the work and others would like to take on more responsibility.

Committee members often wear several hats – some may coach as well as take on committee responsibilities. So to prevent someone taking on too much and feeling over burdened, have a think about whether responsibilities could be shared out further? Is the amount of work reasonable for one person? Do you need an extra committee member to take on some of the work?

Training and support

If you want a healthy supply of volunteers, you need to ensure they feel supported. Take a look at our supporting volunteers section to find out more.

Paying committee members

You may wish to consider whether your organisation wants (and has constitutional powers) to pay committee members for their role, rather than recruiting them as volunteers.

Your organisation needs to think carefully about the consequences of paying board members, both for the organisation and the role and responsibilities of the individual committee members.