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It is important to complete all scenario planning for an athlete or staff member developing symptoms of COVID-19 or having a positive test result when asymptomatic while travelling. Have all necessary contingency plans in place. Some important considerations would be:

  • The possibility of repeated positive test results over an extended period and the associated practical and cost implications if the athlete/staff member is unable to travel home.
  • Accessibility to testing for foreign nationals in the country where you are planning to travel.
  • Entry requirements into the host country in relation to testing and quarantine rules
  • Level of health care provision available within the country you are visiting (acute medical care/ ICU).
  • Consider the financial cost associated if a local or national lockdown were to be announced in the host country you are visiting. This may occur with very little given notice potentially resulting in an extended stay in the country.
  • It is important that a chaperone appropriate to the age of the athlete is appointed prior to travel as part of the contingency planning. The chaperone should be included in each stage of the travel planning process.
  • Consider the impact on the domestic training program if the COVID officer or coach develops symptoms/has an asymptomatic positive test result or is required to stay in the host country as a chaperone.
  • Consider the logistics of repatriation in the event of a worst-case scenario.