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  • Use trustworthy and evidence-based information on the COVID-19 pandemic for athletes and those involved in their care.
  • Following the 1:1 session with athletes and staff, if there are any specific educational needs that are highlighted then Sport Wales can assist in signposting and disseminating any relevant, evidence based, up to date information. 
  • Managing behaviors at home or outside the training bubble remains one of our biggest challenges. Everyone has worked extremely hard to create safe training environments for the athletes and staff over the last few months. For sports to continue training in this way it is crucial that these behaviors are maintained whilst travelling abroad outside of the training bubble.


  • Have an open dialogue with athletes around expectations and behaviours when travelling.
    • It would be beneficial to complete this well in advance of leaving.
    • Group sessions might be more helpful to promote discussions.
    • Where possible practice appropriate behaviours prior to travel to familiarise athletes and staff with protocols
    • Continually/regularly make time to review behaviours when travelling to address any issues or concerns promptly.
    • Be explicit about the consequences of non-adherence to any protocols and procedures.
    • Have clear consistent messaging to athletes.
    • Create opportunities for athletes to share stories around their travel experiences across different sports.


See our infographic containing advice for athletes travelling during COVID-19.