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Anti-Doping Information and Resources

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Anti-Doping Responsibilities

Sport Wales is committed to doing everything it can to make sure Welsh athletes are aware of their responsibilities so they can compete clean.

What does Sport Wales do?

We work with sports governing bodies and the statutory body responsible for anti-doping, UKAD, on appropriate education programmes so that athletes know exactly what their responsibilities are. Sport Wales and sports governing bodies also have responsibilities under the UK National Anti-Doping Policy.

All Sport Wales Institute practitioners undertake accredited anti-doping education as part of their work with performance athletes.

UK Anti-Doping

We work with the statutory body responsible for anti-doping in the UK, (UKAD). UKAD’s remit includes a prevention through education programme and an intelligence-led testing programme. Athletes can be tested any time, any place without advance notice.

UKAD is responsible for making sure sports bodies in the UK are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code. It does this by implementing the UK’s National Anti-Doping Policy. 

UKAD provides clear information and guidelines on doping in sport in the UK, so follow these links for further information.

Protect your sport

Protecting clean sport depends on everyone playing their part - athletes, coaches, or parents - whether on centre stage or behind the scenes. Speak out if you feel there’s something wrong - no matter how small. UKAD guarantee that your identity will always be kept 100% confidential. 

There are different ways to speak out:

  • Email - When you feel something’s wrong, send an email. UKAD guarantee that your name and email address will be kept confidential. Email [javascript protected email address]
  • Online Form - Tell us what you know via our online form. You will remain anonymous as standard, but if you choose to share your details confidentially it could help us catch those in sport who seek to cheat
  • 24/7 Hotline - Call on 08000 32 23 32. We are here to listen. If you prefer to remain 100% anonymous you can. Or if you share your details, they will be kept confidential, and may help keep sport clean

Find out the more about speaking out and Protect Your Sport here.

What is the latest prohibited list?

All prohibited substances and methods in sports are outlined in the Prohibited List. 

The Prohibited List is managed and coordinated by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), found on the WADA website here. The List is updated each year, coming into effect on 1st January. It is possible for WADA to make changes to the List more than once a year, but they must communicate such changes three months before they come into effect. As this list is updated annually, athletes and athlete support personnel should make sure they check it ahead of it coming into effect. 

More information can be found on UKAD’s website here.

100% Me Clean Sport App

UKAD’s 100% me Clean Sport App can be downloaded from iTunesGoogle Play or Windows Live Store, for essential anti-doping information.