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Knowledge Farming

We often spend time generating new evidence to help our organisations be more person-centred and insight-driven. We hunt for new data, information, facts and figures and draw conclusions before moving on to the next project. But the most successful organisations aspire to act more like ‘insight farmers’. 

These organisations prepare the soil, sow their seeds, cultivate their knowledge and harvest from their crop of customer and market knowledge for many years. By joining the dots across multiple projects and identifying big picture insight, they can influence major corporate decisions and respond to events in a more agile way.


In this 4-hour online workshop:

  • we explore the difference between data hunting and knowledge farming
  • we assess the insight which your organisation will need and identify gaps you will need to fill 
  • we look at the processes that you could put in place to crystallise and categorise knowledge
  • we consider the role of knowledge management systems and the importance of developing a knowledge culture


Price: £10 per person.  Spaces available: 25

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