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Influencing Skills for Insight


There is no point doing any market research or customer analysis unless it drives change. But that will only happen if our people develop great influencing skills. 

The place to start is to make sure that we really understand the decision-makers in the organisations we work with and then find ways to develop long-term, trusted adviser relationships with them.


This 4-hour online workshop focuses on 3 key aspects:

  • What it feels like to be a decision-maker in today's corporate environment
  • The importance of developing our credibility and reputation for reliability
  • Professional intimacy and the trap of self-orientation


This workshop is led by Lisa Dutton. Lisa is a behavioural analyst, a researcher and a customer experience expert, with over 15 years of insight experience garnered in a variety of senior roles at Barclays, BNP Paribas and RAC.

With a BSc in Psychology, Lisa is fascinated by people’s motivations for doing the things they do, and loves to discuss and debate these with like-minded insight folk.

  • Recent participants include Dow Jones, Gamesys, John Lewis, HMRC and National Public Radio of America


Price: £10 per person   Spaces available: 25

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