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ComRes Research - How do people feel about sport in 2022?

Find out what the implications of our latest round of ComRes research are for sport in 2022

About this event

In this session, Sport Wales’ Insight team will present findings from the latest round of ComRes research, building on what we have learnt in the previous four rounds of the survey and delving into what adults are saying about sport at this stage in the pandemic.

As restrictions and requirements around covid-19 continue to be eased…

  • What sports are adults in Wales doing?
  • What sports would adults like to do more of and what would help them to do so?
  • Are adults returning to volunteering roles that they were doing previously?
  • How confident do people feel about taking part in different settings at this time?
  • What would make sport more enjoyable for people?
  • Do adults feel that they can access high quality facilities in their area?

This free session will help you to better understand attitudes to sport in Wales in 2022 and help you to prepare for the months ahead.

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