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Do elite athletes live longer than the general population?

What: Film Presentation/Discussion

Time: 30 mins


Exploring the long-term effects of intensive training on health

About the Deliverer:

Adam Runacres commenced his PhD at Swansea University in October 2017. He is funded through a KESS (Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship), which is in partnership with Sport Wales. Adam has now submitted his PhD, and his study exploring the long-term effects of an elite sporting career has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Sports Medicine.

About the Session:

In this session (the first in a series of two), Adam will share findings from his study which aimed to establish the long-term health consequences of chronic intensive training. The findings from his systematic review & meta-analysis will help to answer some fascinating questions:

• Do elite athletes live longer than the general population?

• Is there an upper limit whereby exercise actually starts to cause physiological harm and reduce life expectancy?

• Do the long-term benefits/adverse health effects of being an elite athlete vary by sport?

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