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With nearly 5,500 sports clubs in Wales and around 250,000 of the Welsh Adult population volunteering in sport in some capacity, there are a lot of people helping to make Welsh sport tick. Whether it's as committee members, coaches, officials, people running physical activity clubs or washing the kit, there is a host of jobs that need to be done to make sure people can enjoy sport.

But, we're often told that club volunteers don't know where to go for support and when they do get support it might not be exactly what they need.

So after talking with many people in Welsh sport, we've developed Club Solutions - an online resource giving sports club volunteers a 'one stop shop' to help them start up, grow or improve their club. 

The Club Solutions website provides club volunteers with a learning tool and access to guidance to deal with issues they may be facing.

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Whether you're looking to set up a new club or grow your existing club, there is something for everyone.

Easy to use and navigate, with jargon free language, there is material to download, best practice stories to view, as well as quality guidance to help you. There's also a club assessment tool - a bit like a health check - to help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement.

What can you do?

Promote Club Solutions through your networks

  • Ensure your staff are familiar with the website.
  • Include the web button and links on your own website.
  • Use the tools - including motion graphics - to promote Club Solutions.
  • Provide us with feedback on how you are using the site and what would be useful to include.

The Club Solutions tools can be found here:

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Animation - What Is Club Solutions?

Animation - Why Use Club Solutions?

Animation - A Tour of Club Solutions

Animation - What is the Club Solutions Assessment Tool?

Animation - How to use the Club Solutions Assessment Tool.


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