Well-Being Statement

Sport Wales is the national organisation responsible for the development of community and elite sport in Wales. We are committed to developing an active, healthy and successful Wales, where every citizen from all communities has the opportunity to participate in sport and physical recreation and reach their potential, irrespective of background and circumstance.

We have long recognised that our investments and the work of our partners within the sport sector delivers more than sport. The Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 provides the framework for understanding the wider impact of our investments beyond increasing physical activity rates. We are committed to embedding the Act and the five ways of working within our corporate and departmental business planning processes in order to ensure that everything we do considers the impact on future generations.

I am Team GBThe outcomes of our investment with partners contribute across the seven Well-being of Future Generations Act Goals. To illustrate, we know that whilst the health benefits of participation in sport are well established, we also know that through volunteering and developing the workforce we can create more connected and prosperous communities. Our success on the world stage raises the cultural identity of Wales and acts as an inspiration for the next generation to become active. At the heart of our work is a commitment to equality and diversity, which seeks to not only identify barriers to participation and the well-being benefits of sport but also proactively invests to tackle them.

Sport Wales recognises that we must be proactive in driving a culture that promotes well-being equality, diversity and inclusion. We must lead by example and demonstrate real commitment to make positive changes that will establish us as an exemplar organisation fit for the future. Through this we will be able to influence those that we work with, incentivised not solely through investment criteria but through our approach to partnership working with a range of stakeholders from both the sport sector and beyond.

Through both internal and external engagement, we have sought input and feedback on a series of draft well-being objectives. Overall, the feedback indicated that these are the right objectives for Sport Wales, but we need to ensure that we are reflecting these in all our work and creating a robust measurement and evidence framework around them. We found that the feedback provided from a range of organisations, plus staff and members of the public, provided us with not only an insight into the objectives we had drafted, but also valuable views on how we should approach our work in the future to deliver on these. It was particularly pleasing to note the number of respondents that were keen to work with us in the future and we will be actively exploring these opportunities. We are committed to utilising this feedback throughout the year in order to shape our overall approach to deliver on these objectives and our wider aspirations.

Following the feedback we have made appropriate adjustments to our objectives and have set four high level Well-being objectives, which align to our key corporate strategies and that deliver across the seven Well-being goals outlined within the Act. We have set these objectives in order to reflect our two remits of increasing participation in community sport and supporting the delivery of elite sport in Wales:

People in Wales live physically active and therefore healthier lives

Well-Being Goals: A resilient Wales / A healthier Wales / A Wales of cohesive communities / A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh Language / A globally responsible for Wales

Measured through the National Survey for Wales and the School Sport Survey

Children and young people have the motivation, physical skills, knowledge, understanding, and opportunities to take part in physical activty for life 

Well-Being Goals: A prosperous Wales / A resilient Wales / A healthier Wales / A Wales of cohesive communities / A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language / A globally responsible Wales

Measured through the School Sport Survey 

Wales is recognised internationally as a succesful sporting nation

Well-Being Goals: A healthier Wales / A Wales of cohesive communities / A prosperous Wales / A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language

Measured through the National Survey for Wales, the Sport Wales Institute Survey, Athlete Voice, Focus Tool, UK Pathway Athlete Database

Sport Wales is an exemplar organisation driving a culture that promotes well-being, equality and sustainability

Well-Being Goals: A more equal Wales / A Globally Responsible Wales

Measured through the Stakeholder Perception Survey, Athlete Voice , and Staff Survey 

As stated above, we firmly believe that the work we do and the investments we make coupled with the opportunities our partners deliver provides a wide range of benefits to Welsh society. It is our intention through these objectives to seek to capture that impact and look at effective ways of collaborating across the public sector to amplify them. We are only too aware that no one agency can deliver a more physically active nation, so effective collaboration and involvement of the general public will be key in delivering a more active and healthy Wales.

It is important to recognise that we do not see the setting of these objectives as a static process, but as something we will constantly evolve to meet changing agendas and to reflect insight. We know that in the first half of the 2017/18 business planning year, an independent review of the organisation will be completed and provided to the Minister, and the Welsh Government will be producing their strategies relating to the 'Health and Active' strand of the Programme for Government. These will inevitably have an impact on Sport Wales' future direction and it will only be right that we seek to review these objectives once those pieces of work have been completed. Beyond this we will review and provide reporting against the objectives annually as part of our business planning process, and on a quarterly basis we will identify if new insight or activity is having an impact on our objectives and how we deliver our business.

Rio 2016The objectives will form the basis of how we measure our impact as an organisation. We will utilise data and insight from the two large scale surveys we are engaged with, the National Survey for Wales and our School Sport Survey, together with our Stakeholder Perception Survey and Sport Wales Institute Survey to measure progress. Beyond this it is our intention to continue the work we have started to understand our impact beyond getting people more active through sport and physical recreation. We know that this work will enable us to not only develop the objectives we have set, but also to potentially identify new areas that we can measure our impact against. We will also look at opportunities to work with other public sector organisations in order to share insight and data with a view to aligning outcomes and well-being objectives.

At Sport Wales we believe that the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act, 2015 provides an exciting opportunity to work more collaboratively across the public sector and beyond to create a healthier, sustainable and prosperous Wales for the future. We know that the work of the sport sector has a crucial role to play in delivering well-being and look forward to working with a range of partners to achieve this.