Equality Objectives Consultation

Sport Wales Strategic Equality Plan Equality Objectives: 2016-2020

Consultation Paper

As a listed public body in Wales, Sport Wales is required to revise and publish its Strategic Equality Plan by the 1st April 2016, and the plan will include a series of Equality Objectives.

For Sport Wales the objectives will reflect and support our internal work to build a brilliant organisation, as well as  reflecting and supporting outcomes in our Community Strategy, Elite Strategy and Workforce Strategy, which our partners and stakeholders have a role in delivering.

Therefore it is important that all Sport Wales staff and Board members, along with contractors, organisations in receipt of Sport Wales funding, partners and stakeholders understand how they contribute to the delivery of the Equality Objectives.

Sport Wales is seeking views on the proposed 5 Equality Objectives as set out in the consultation paper.

For each objective we would invite feedback regarding;

1. The Equality Objective: Does this reflect Sport Wales priority areas of work?

2. Areas for Positive Action: Are these right? Are there any other groups that should be included? (please refer to Appendix 1 for a full list of protected groups)

The Consultation period runs from the 16th September to the 1st October 2015.

Please make comment in the comment box under each objective and send to equality@sport.wales

Sport Wales welcomes and will consider all feedback. Thank you for your contribution.