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Strategic Equality Plan 2016 - 2020

Sport Wales is proud to publish its Strategic Equality Plan

I am delighted to share Sport Wales's Strategic Equality Plan, which sets out our equality objectives for the period 2016-2020, and demonstrates contribution to the Well-being goals in Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

I am confident that this strategy will further build on the good work and progress that we have achieved over the past four years in achieving equality of opportunity in sport and diversity within our infrastructure.

The development of this, our second Strategic Equality Plan, is an important step in driving forward our aspiration to embed equality within the fabric of our organisation, so that it is part of our natural thinking.  Our equality objectives align to Sport Wales aims and are centered on the following themes:

1. Research and insight

2. Embedding culture change for Sport Wales

3. Embedding culture chnage for funded partners

4. Customer need

5. Education and Training

6. Engagement

Our commitment to all protected characteristics will continue, we are focused on delivering the greatest impact across all of our work. Although Welsh Language and Socio-economic disadvantage are not protected characteristics specified under the Equality Act 2010, they are included within the scope of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. Therefore, we have taken the decision to include these groups within the scope of our Strategic Equality Plan. Those living in Socio-economic disadvantage are less likely to participate in sport, and sport has a role to play in the promotion and protection of Welsh Language. It is important to us that with respect to this, customers' needs are understood and met.

It is essential that Sport Wales staff, Board members, along with contractors, organisations in receipt of Sport Wales funding, partners and stakeholders understand how they contribute to the delivery of this strategy and our equality objectives.

As part of the review of our equality objectives, we undertook extensive consultation with staff, stakeholders and customers, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all those who provided input. I look forward to reporting our progress though to 2020 and beyond.

Sarah Powell, CEO


Starting with the end in mind

Imagine a nation where all children and young people have equal access to sport. Yes, the offer may look and feel different depending on what gender you are, where you live, what your ethnic background is and whether or not you have a disability - but the opportunities are readily accessible to all. That is Every Child Hooked on Sport for Life.

While the evidence suggests that over recent years we have seen an increase in participation rates among some of the most traditionally hard to reach groups in Wales, it also paints a picture where there is a lot of work to do in order to realise that ambitious end goal and close the participation gap.

Sport Wales recognises a need to provide insight and support to its partners to help build confidence and capability within the sector to deliver sustainable positive action. This online portal seeks to bring together a number of internal and external resources that are available to partners at all stages of programme delivery that foster critical self-analysis and challenge.

This is our one-stop-shop for the sporting workforce within Wales.

Our Commitment

We try to practice what we preach in all facets of equality. To find further information, documents and policies linked to our corporate responsibilities please visit our Corporate Equality Policy and Equality of Opportunity Policy sections. 

A Public Sector Equality Duty Report was completed for the financial year 2013/14, which demonstrates the progress made by Sport Wales in working towards the targets outlined in the strategic equality plan.  A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

Research and Evidence

The evidence is compelling. To see what we see and find further data sheets, infographics and analysis please visit our Research & Policy section.  Of interest may be the Publications section which dates back to 2007 and has a raft of insight linked to the behaviour of individuals in each of the equality strands.  There is also a dedicated section on LGBT Research.

Latest News

Stay in the know and gain valuable insight to common problems and challenges at the same time. To see the most recent news stories and press releases relating to sporting equality in the United Kingdom please visit the Sports Council Equality Group's Equality in Sport website.

In addition to this, Sport Wales works with a number of partners to identify best practice case studies across the sector.  It doesn't come as a surprise that many of these include projects and examples where tackling inequality of opportunity was the starting point. Examples include:

For all our sporting snapshots please visit the Case Studies section.

Sport Wales has also worked with a number of organisations who have received grant funding to produce a number of short video clips highlighting the success of these projects, which are each linked to a specific strand of equality. Links through to these videos are as follows:

Equality Networks

It is important to understand who the experts are with regards to the different equality strands as these organisations are working in these areas on a daily basis.

As a starting point to engaging with these networks we would encourage you to follow them on Twitter using the handles as provided below:

  • Disability Sport Wales: Transforming lives through the power of sport - @dsw_news
  • StreetGames @streetgamewales
  • BME @BMEsportcymru
  • LGB&T @LGBTsportcymru

For further information and contact details please visit the Useful Resources section.

The tools

Asking the Right Questions

This resource has been developed to help people working in sport in Wales to ask the right questions about equality when considering development of planning, policy, project or intervention. To view these resources please visit the Asking the Right Questions section.

Training Map

To embed equality into an organisation it is important that a training plan is developed, delivered and reviewed regularly. To view the generic and role-specific training that is available please visit the Training Map section.

Useful Resources

There are a multitude of resources available online to support organisations in thinking more equitably. We have attempted to collate these and invite you to browse the Useful Resources section.

Equality Impact Assessment

This resource has been developed to support organisations in completing an equality impact assessment.  To view this guidance pack please visit the Equality Impact Assessment section.