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Lauren Williams - Taekwondo

Name: Lauren Williams
Born: Blackwood, Wales
Club(s): Devil Martial Arts
Event: -67kg
Other Sports: Kickboxing, football, netball, rugby, hockey, basketball, and swimming.
Olympic Experience: Debut
Medals: Taekwondo Grand Slam (Gold 2018), Taekwondo Grand Prix (Gold 217 and 2018, Silver 2018, Bronze 2018), European Championships (Gold 2016 and 2018, Silver 2021)
Other Honours:

Lauren Williams will be making her Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020. After trying an array of different sports growing up, Lauren will be looking to kick her way to Olympic success in taekwondo.

At the tender age of just 6 years old, Lauren won her first world title. But not in taekwondo. It was kickboxing that Lauren was thriving at as a child. If it wasn’t for current Team GB teammate, Jade Jones winning Olympic Gold in 2012, Lauren might have taken a different path.

What club did Lauren start taekwondo at?

On this rare occasion, Lauren didn’t actually ever start taekwondo at a club but was introduced to it through the Fighting Chance scheme. Her first club was Devils Martial Arts, where fellow Team GB Olympian, Lauren Price was also once a member.

One thing you didn’t know about Lauren Williams

Sat in the family caravan, watching the 2012 Olympics on TV, Lauren’s future teammate, Jade Jones’ Gold Medal winning performance inspired Lauren to consider the switch from kickboxing to Taekwondo. 

What dates will Lauren be competing at Tokyo 2020?

Monday, July 26