Eligibility criteria

You will need to pass eligibility criteria to qualify for the fund. 

You are eligible if you can confirm that: 

  • You are a freelancer in the sport sector facing financial challenges as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and whose work directly delivers activity to participants*
  • Your activity takes place in and benefits those based in Wales
  • Prior to 1 March 2020 you were receiving payment for services as a self-employed practitioner in Wales directly delivering activity to participants based in Wales
  • Your work has been impacted by Covid-19 since March 2020
  • Your freelancer work is a significant source of income and your loss of income due to COVID-19 is at least equivalent to £2,500
  • There is appropriate public liability insurance in place for the activities you deliver
  • Apart from funding from the self-employed income support scheme, you have not received other Covid-19 related funding from another public body
  • You have not received an insurance payment for loss of income

*  This includes activities that directly support people being active, such as a sports coach, personal trainer, instructor/practitioner. 

It does not include activities such as a sport consultant; sport nutritionist; sport physiotherapist, sport writer / commentator / photographer / analyst; business consultant; lifeguard; recreation assistant. 

When is the deadline?

Applications to the fund will close at 5pm on Wednesday 3rd February.


Evidence required in your application

For your application to be considered you need to provide the following evidence and documentation: 

  • Proof of identification
    One of the following: current UK or EEA photocard driving licence; current signed passport; original Birth certificate; other (please specify).
  • Proof of address
    One of the following: Utility bill; Bank statement; Mobile phone statement.
  • Proof of work cancelled between March 2020 – March 2021*
    * Please note proof of work will not be required for all of the above timeframe. If you are unable to provide the relevant documentation due to maternity/parental or adoption leave please let us know. Examples of how this proof can be provided include:
    • Contract / cancelled contracts;
    • Invoices;
    • Reference from employer / confirmation of cancelled work from employer;
    • Letter of Engagement / cancelling engagement;
    • Other (you will need to specify).

Other Information that must be provided

  • A recent copy of your individual bank statement will need to be provided (this is needed to corroborate bank details, and will not be used as part of the appraisal of your application);
  • Proof of work

Before you apply

1. Read more about the fund

The Frequently Asked Questions section includes more details you need to be aware of before you make your application.

2. Get your evidence documents together 

Providing evidence and documents is an important part of the application (see “Evidence required in your application” above). 

We highly recommend that you start getting your evidence together as soon as possible so that you are ready for the application window. 

3. Sign up to receive updates on the fund

We will be keeping our mailing list up to date with the latest information on the Sport Freelancers Fund. 

Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about Sport Wales funding.


Note: If you have previously received funding from Sport Wales for a club / organization and already have login details for our Online Grants Portal, you will need to request access to the Sports Freelancers Fund online form. To do so, email freelancer@sport.wales and refer to your name, the email address you use to log in to the Online Grants Portal and the name of the club / organization you are from believe you are already involved with it. Sport Wales will then be able to provide you with access to the Sport Freelancers Fund online form.

Note: If you have login details to the application system, but did not complete your Freelancers Fund application previously, you will be able to start the application process again. 

Queries about the application / login system should be directed to: freelancer@sport.wales

REMEMBER: Applications will close on Wednesday 3rd February at 5pm.