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Dragon Multi-Skills and Sport - Resources

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Dragon Multi-Skills & Sport resources are aimed at children in primary school aged 7-11 years. 

The ethos of the multi-skills approach is for children to develop key physical skills that are applicable to, and transferable across, a range of different sports and physical activities.

We believe that if children enjoy being active, develop confidence in their ability, and learn key movement skills this will foster better health and wellbeing and a lifelong enjoyment of sport and physical activity.

What types of activities are involved?

Dragon Multi-skills addresses the development of locomotor (travelling) skills, body management skills and manipulative skills whilst developing fundamental movements of agility, balance and coordination - the ABCs. 

Every child develops at their own pace, so sessions are tailored to meet the children’s needs and activities are designed to support their physical development in a progressive and enjoyable way. Some of the sessions link to specific sports and activities whereas others can be used as a base to develop a range of different skills. 

Using the resources

We’ve made these resources available for use at school, in the home or any setting that can help young people improve their physical skills.

The resources have been developed in partnership with education specialists and national governing bodies of sport.

Full Dragon Multi-Skills and Sport packs – including all resource cards and equipment - can be purchased from Sport Wales. Email [javascript protected email address] for more details.