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Keeping up with social media changes

Social media is always evolving - and particularly with young people in mind. Digital platforms are looking to embrace education with video content being at the forefront of their thinking. 

So get ahead of the game and learn how you can put these channels to strategic use to achieve our goals of an active nation.

About the Deliverer

Stuart Rowson returns to CLIP to delve deeper into understanding young people and engaging them in content. Currently working alongside Chelsea FC, Stuart will share his knowledge from within the sporting world about reaching children and teenagers through social media.

What this session will cover? 

  • Reach - The importance of specific segmentation
  • Knowledge - The importance of data and Insights
  • Goals – Want to engage? Increase views? Raise participation?
  • The Social Media Platforms focusing on children and teenagers
  • Proven Content and how to use it
  • Q&A

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