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How to communicate and engage with young people

Where there’s a WiFi connection, you can usually find a young person online. And now, young people are more digitally engaged than ever. But they can often be the hardest audience to reach. In a world of TikTok, Snapchat and countless means of communication, it can be a minefield finding the best ways to engage young people positively in sport.

This is why we want to better understand the practices, techniques, and tools to reach Wales’ young people. 

Join us in this CLIP session to find out how to engage with sport’s next generation.

About the Deliverer

From CBeebies Bedtimes Stories to the London Olympics. When it comes to children and sport, Stuart Rowson knows how to impact his audience. Stuart is a multi-platform expert with over a decade worth of experience in delivering digital and social change across Children’s, Sport and News within the BBC.

What this session will cover

  • Stuart’s work at the BBC – the key challenges and considerations when developing products like the CBeebies App and You Tube Channel
  • Young People and Social Media – A general overview, with some key Dos and Don’ts when using the main platforms.
  • Using the right language.
  • The importance of peer-to-peer engagement.
  • Take Forward – some key points to influence your future approach.
  • Q&A