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Job Description - Service Design Officer

Service Design Officer - responsible to the Service Design & Development Lead.

Job Purpose

This is a new and exciting opportunity to play a key role within the Sport Intelligence and Service Development Directorate. Working collaboratively across Sport Wales you will be part of the Service and Partner Development Team. 

Led by insight the purpose of the role is to deliver innovative solutions to meet partner needs and embed a culture of customer experience excellence within Sport Wales. 

The role will be crucial in:

  • Supporting partners with their challenges and opportunities by exploring them and designing, developing and deploying solutions that add value.
  • Leading and supporting an approach to embed a customer experience mindset to ensure that Sport Wales designs, develops and deploys projects and products that meet user needs.

Over time the areas of work will change in response to emerging Business Plan priorities and identified partner needs, but the purpose remains the same – to ensure that Sport Wales meets partner needs through having relevant and valued products and services and that we have a customer focused mindset in all that we do.

Main Duties

  • Provide support, advice, expertise and knowledge to deliver upon key strategy  priorities within Service and Partner Development. At present some of these are around equality and diversity, digital technology, returning to sport post COVID and the resilience of the Welsh Sport sector. 
  • Project Management: Coordinate and inter- connect project plans for key areas of work, embedding project management principles within the team
  • Support with creating an approach to embed a customer experience mindset within Sport Wales to ensure that Sport Wales designs, develops and deploys projects and products that meet user needs.
  • Support partners with their challenges and opportunities by exploring them and designing, developing and deploying solutions that add value.
  • Proactively develop a range of innovative solutions, tools and resources that will positively impact service and partner development needs. This will include identifying world leading examples, liaising with bodies outside of Wales, and managing the commissioning of support services.
  • Support an approach of continuous improvement, bringing the evaluation and learning captured from across Sport Wales to drive the development of solutions to the key challenges and opportunities faced by our partners 
  • Bring a solution focused approach to develop and nurture high quality relationships with senior leaders within external partners ensuring “added value” and support, which matches partner needs, influencing their strategies and approaches and holding them accountable for Sport Wales Investment
  • Influence and support a cross- organisational approach to Service and Partner Development using insight and learning, and exploring opportunities for development and innovation (inside and outside of sport), and internationally
  • Fulfil responsibilities which contribute to delivering an exemplary service for Sport Wales in respect of our statutory duties, including Well-being of Future Generations (Wales), Equality, Information Security, Risk Management, Safeguarding, Financial Regulation and Health, Safety & Environment.
  • Work flexibly, performing any other duties as required, where relevant to the post and appropriate to the grade. This will naturally involve using digital technology as part of and within your work


Sport Wales’ Values

Our approach to enabling sport in Wales to thrive is evolving. We are committed to continually challenging ourselves to: 

  1. Learn Together - Constantly exploring, testing and reviewing
  2. Deliver Together - Sharing outcomes, nurturing open and honest relationships, providing robust feedback, constantly improving performance
  3. Celebrate Together - Recognising our shared successes through effective partners


We will do this by:

  1. Acting with Integrity - Understanding and Respecting each other’s culture and values. Promoting equality and diversity
  2. Adding Value - Ensuring the optimum mix of support, challenge, investment, skills and expertise to achieve our shared outcomes.
  3. Encouraging Innovation - Welcoming new ideas and approaches and supporting ambition and fresh thinking.Not being afraid to feel uncomfortable.

Person Specification

Area of FocusEssential RequirementsDesirable Requirements



Evidence of continuous professional development


Recognised or accredited training or development in an area aligned to the role e.g. project management, leadership development, service design etc.

Or equivalent experience.



Experience in an operational role supporting and leading work to improve customer experience, partnership relationships & project management 


Previous experience in influencing Senior Management and building credibility and excellent relationships with leaders.


Operational and strategic planning experience in the development and delivery of innovative ideas and solutions   


Proven track record of delivering and reviewing key areas of work, taking learning and amending work as necessary 


Effective delivery of projects on time and within budget 


Previous experience of writing easily consumable documents for a variety of stakeholders



Experience of utilizing technology to shape and deliver work


Extensive knowledge, experience and understanding relating to the sport sector at a Wales /UK level


Specialist knowledge and experience gained through working in one or more of the following key areas:

Partnership Development 

Service Design and Development 

Change Management 



Skills, Aptitudes & Abilities:


Ability to build strong and effective relationships with a range of different stakeholders


Ability to manage a range of work objectives, some often with challenging and competing timescales


An ability to see the big picture. Recognizing how different areas of work across an organization can fit together


An ability to inspire, support and challenge your colleagues


Ability to bring a solution focused outlook that positively contributes to a positive working environment and deal effectively with issues and problems


Able to handle confidential data and information sensitively


Ability to influence, develop and implement innovative ideas 


Holds self and others accountable for standards of performance to successfully deal with a range of often complex situations; seeks support and guidance from others in the organization when needed


Ability to work at pace and be resilient to set-backs with a strong ability to adapt and re-focus


Ability to communicate in Welsh, both written and spoken


Able to initiate projects, based on translating strategic intent into operational delivery, set goals, define roles and track progress, review, evaluate and implement learnings for optimal impact



Special Circumstances


Able to work flexibly including out of normal office hours


Able to travel as required