The biggest change to everyday routines in a generation presents huge challenges in keeping (and getting) people healthy and active. With gyms and leisure centres closed, team games locked down and even many parks out of bounds, the sport and exercise infrastructure of Wales is at an absolute minimum.

There is hope, however. The current guidance of one form of outdoors exercise a day is providing some vital escapism. And then there’s the digital solution, with Joe Wicks leading the way with his virtual PE class.

And Welsh sport has a big role to play in helping Wales be active.

The opportunity

The current situation provides sport and leisure providers that make up the sports sector in Wales the opportunity to use their unique resources and expertise and:

Keep engaging with their participants and members and provide ongoing activity.

To reach out to new people who could take the chance to try a sport or activity.

Make sure no one in Wales is left behind. EVERYONE should have the chance to be active, regardless of their own personal circumstances.

The campaign

The Welsh sport sector works best when it works as one. The #BeActiveWales (#CymruyActive) campaign is Welsh sport’s united voice to help people be active.

Online routines, help to get moving, session plans, motivation, nutrition advice and other resources will be made available to cover a range of sports and activities.

The campaign will focus on four main areas:

Gentle Activity – Gentle home activities for people who might be new to exercise or have restricted movement. 

General Activity – Activities for people who enjoy sport and exercise and want to continue to reap the health benefits.

Advanced Activity – For people who take part in sport regularly and want more intense training.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

What else do I need to know?

The campaign will be brought to life by the organisations that make up the sector, including clubs, athletes and well-known personalities.

The campaign will be bilingual and develop with the changing social situation and future priorities.

Rather than just being a campaign for indoor exercise, the campaign will morph as official guidance changes.

Sport Wales is working with Public Health Wales and Natural Resources Wales to share content and identify opportunities to cross promote and link in with wider public health messaging and Government advice. 

You can sign up to be an official partner of the campaign by emailing us on In return for signing up, you will be provided with branded assets to promote the campaign.

Is there a campaign website?

As soon as the campaign is officially launched Sport Wales will have a campaign webpage at and