#BeActiveWales home workouts

Gain a home advantage – stay active with workouts designed by Sport Wales and the NHS.

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Some more gentle workouts to try...

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Especially for Senior Citizens, this home workout from Strength Academy Wales is designed to develop leg strength, mobility and balance.

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Follow a relaxing tai chi session with Canolfannau Byw’n Iach Centres.

Why should I be active during lock down?

Just because so many of us are now staying in doesn’t mean we can’t be working out.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how much, or how little exercise you normally do, these are testing times for everyone in Wales.

Just at the very moment everyone needs their own health and well-being to protect them during the coronavirus threat, we are having to deal with severe restrictions in our daily lives.

But there is good news amid the gloom. Not only is it possible for everyone to do some form of exercise and make it a daily routine, but there are lots out individuals and groups out there to help.

So, even if you rarely got up from your sofa before the pandemic began, now is the time to be kind to yourself. Get up and get moving – perhaps gently at first – and both your body and mind will benefit.

As well as being active, talking about your concerns with someone you trust can be really helpful to maintain good mental health.

Watch Sport Wales' Senior Sports Psychologist Chris Beaumont chat with Sioned Dafydd, Jamie Baulch and Jazz Carlin about how to manage your mental health...

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Let us help you stay positive during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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