The power of four!

Rugby, netball, athletics and squash combine as Lloyd Ashley, Nia Jones, Aled Sion Davies and Tesni Evans talk about what they’re doing to stay physically and mentally active...


Part 2

I think right now it's about being smart. I'm not chasing world records in my back garden. I'm just trying to tick over and hopefully won't get too much rust on the old joints.
Aled Sion Davies
“My wife and I are using the phone and other technology to stay in touch with all the family and even though we feel a little isolated at times, we’ll get through it. There will be better times ahead.”
Lynn Davies

The gloves are off…but being active is still on the agenda

Like all goalkeepers, Cardiff City’s Alex Smithies is used to a certain amount of isolation.

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Clock-watching and cooking – life in the Cabango household

Routine and rewards are the ways ahead through the lockdown, suggests Swansea City defender Ben Cabango.

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I think about the season starting again – that’s what is giving me the motivation at present – to stay as fit as I can so I can be ready when we start playing again.
Ben Cabango

Mental health chat

Join Jazz Carlin, Jamie Baulch and Sport Wales psychologist Chris Beaumont as they discuss ways of looking after your mental health.