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Gentle home workouts

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Recommended by the NHS, these gentle workouts are for people who might be new to exercise as well as those who want to start slowly before building up their fitness. The worlds of football and rugby unite as presenters Dan Jardine and Lauren Jenkins team up to guide you through these workouts. Find more gentle exercises at www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise.

General home workouts

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Created by Sport Wales’ strength and conditioning coaches, these workouts are for those who are used to exercise but finding it tricky to maintain on lockdown. Join sports reporters Dan Jardine and Lauren Jenkins as they demonstrate the workouts.

Advanced home workouts

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Looking for something tougher? Sport Wales’ strength and conditioning coaches have devised some intense training workouts, presented by athlete Mica Moore, which are aimed at those who regularly take part in sport and have high fitness levels.


Staying positive during the pandemic.

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